Month: July 2018

8th July 2018 Investment Theory

Impact Investing

Field Invest is quite heavily involved in this sector. Under pressure from socially and environmentally-minded stakeholders – and keen to avoid being left behind in a changing world – institutional investors are being drawn to impact investment with its image as a turbo-charged form of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment. While impact investing is

Investment Theory

Responsible Investment

This is a great investment philosophy and process from Eden Tree and one we hope we emulate at Field Invest. What we look for Applying our profit with principles approach begins at the very beginning- the ‘ideas’ or ‘stock-picking’ stage. We seek to invest in quality companies with sound financials, solid balance sheets, proven management,

Investment Theory

Tulip mania

At FieldInvest we love a bubble. As long as we aren’t invested when the bubble pops. Timing the equity exit is a real challenge. A great many investors like Odey for example are already out and short way too soon. We contiňe to stay in albeit while fading the rallies. Here’s a nice piece in

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