Month: January 2017

23rd January 2017 Asset Allocation, Economics, Investments

Investment Strategy

What makes Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet, who holds mega brands like Geico Auto Insurance and Kraft Heinz in his portfolio, such a great investor? He was “wired” for it, he says. “I’ve got the right temperament,” Buffet told journalist Charlie Rose on stage during a Jan. 27 event at Columbia University, from which he graduated

8th January 2017 Asset Allocation, Commodities, Economics, Equities, Investments

2017 forecasts

The first is this huge dissatisfaction with the political class, with the so-called establishment and its ways of doing things. The “anti-establishment” won two major victories in 2016 – first Brexit, then Trump – but you can’t expect the establishment to roll over and die. It will fight back. It will try to disrupt Brexit

5th January 2017 Asset Allocation, Economics, Investments

Field Invest Outlook 2017

Let’s start with what the big boys think, at least the sensible ones: Here are the Blackrock themes for 2017: 1. Reflation: they believe global bond yields have bottomed – and prefer equities over fixed income and credit over government bonds. We favour short- over long-duration bonds and value shares over bond-like equities. 2. Low

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