Investment Strategy

Thoughtful diversification can deliver positive absolute returns with minimal volatility.

Agricultural Investment

Investing in land, and in Agriculture was the original concept behind the Company and remains a cornerstone of our approach.

Our Philosophy

There are times to take risk and times to keep it simple. We never confuse the difference.

Macro Research

The heart of what we do. As top down investors, we start with the economic environment.

Welcome to Field Invest

Your independent asset management firm.

Field Invest is an independent research firm focused on the Global economic outlook, monetary policy, and fixed income markets. We combine rigorous analytical methods with an excellent take on when, how and why monetary policy is likely to be adjusted, trying to give our clients unbiased and thoughtful analysis of where the Global economy is headed.

Want to learn more?

Opened for business in 2011, Field Invest now employs a small number of high quality economists, investors and market practitioners in order to provide you with practical advice on what is happening in financial markets and how to take advantage of those opportunities.

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